The 2011 SAG Awards: A Twitter Recap

Last night it seemed that everyone was taking in the 17th annual SAG Awards. I was, however, was not. It is probably for the best since The King’s Speech win for best ensemble would have made me throw something. Instead I followed everyone’s updates on Twitter.

Here are some of my favorites:

On the award show’s relevancy:

On Betty White’s win for best actress in a comedy series:

On Ernest Borgenine receiving the Life Achievement Award:

On The King’s Speech winning Best Ensemble:

What did you think of last night’s SAG Awards and the winners?

2011 Golden Globes: A Twitter Recap

I considered doing an average best and worst moments of the Golden Globe awards list – Chris Colfer’s win for Glee; Robert Downey Jr. presenting; the the incredible (disappearing) Ricky Gervais; wins for Annette Bening and The Kids Are All Righ; the complete lack of respect for TV stars, frightening instances like this… The list goes on and on.

Instead of that, here is a round-up of just some of what was being said on Twitter during the Globes.

On Helena Bonham Carter’s awesome appearance:

On host Ricky Gervais (who will never be asked back again):!/MovieNut14/status/26795314442670080

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