A Tribute to Warren Beatty

Airing tonight at 9pm on the USA Network is the American Film Institute’s Tribute to Warren Beatty.
Beatty is the 36th recipient of the Life Achievement Award, which was presented to him on June 12th.
Jack Nicholson, Julie Christie, Gene Hackman, Robert Downey Jr, Diane Keaton, Faye Dunaway, Keith Carradine, and Al Pacino as well as former President Bill Clinton were on hand to honor the actor and director.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Warren Beatty

This is by far the best news of the week.
HFPA President Philip Berk along with Actor James Caan announced on Wednesday November 15 that five time Golden Globe winner Warren Beatty with receive the 2007 Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 64th Golden Globe Awards on January 15.
“Beatty received five Golden Globes; including one as Best Actor (Comedy or Musical) for Heaven Can Wait and another as Best Director for Reds. He also received Golden Globes as producer of Best Picture (drama) Bugsy and Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) for Heaven Can Wait. He has received a total of 12 Golden Globe nominations; including Best Actor (Drama) for Reds, Bugsy, Bonnie and Clyde and Splendor In the Grass. He received Best Actor (Comedy or Musical) nominations for Bulworth and Shampoo. He also received Best Screenplay nominations for Bulworth and Reds. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association named him “Most Promising Newcomer” in 1962.”
I can’t think of a better actor to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. The first time I saw Bonnie and Clyde, I fell under the Warren Beatty spell.
And what a great spell it is.
Reds. Splendor in the Grass. Shampoo. Bulworth. McCabe and Mrs. Miller.
Warren Beatty is the best!
The 64th annual Golden Globe Awards nominations will be announced on December 14th.
For more information about the upcoming award show, visit the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s website.

Beatty for Governor?

Who would you prefer?

Everytime time there is a governor race in California, it always appears to have a slew of celebrities in the running. Last time it was Gary Coleman vs. the porn star vs. the eventual winner, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This time around will be no different as the candidates for the race are shaping up to be Arnold (again) vs. Rob Reiner vs. (possibly) Warren Beatty.

Whether or not Warren Beatty decides to run for governor is still up in the air. But for years now, rumors have been generating that screen icon Beatty has been toying with the idea of entering the political arena.

Now it seems more than likely as Beatty, a democrat, has been challenging the Governator’s stances on California’s key issues. Apparently the only way to fight a celebrity is with another celebrity (although this one, in my humble opinion, is much better than the other).

I’ll admit it now, I’m a huge Warren Beatty fan and that has nothing to due with his liberal-ness. And let me say, I will be super jealous of California if Warren Beatty gets to be their governor and I get stuck with rich scumbag A) Jon Corzine or rich scumbag B) Doug Forrester.

Who has better qualifications to California’s gov.? I’m not quite sure. Beatty played a politician in Bulworth and Schwartzeneggor is married to a Kennedy.

So if Beatty does decide to run, Will he Shampoo the Terminator (insert Jaws music here).

Only time will tell and who the hell knows with California.