Trailer Fix: Wuthering Heights

Ever since it was announced that Andrea Arnold was stepping in as the director of Wuthering Heights, my excitement for this adaptation of Emily Bronte’s novel quadrupled. Like Jane Eyre, a new take on Wuthering Heights pops up every five years or so. Most are rather boring.

But when Arnold became attached to the project, which at one point has Natalie Portman starring as Cathy (blerg), I suddenly had faith that this new Wuthering Heights would be something daring, artistic, and not for everyone. The trailer indicates just that.

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Reviews of Wuthering Heights so far have been mixed. Much of the dialogue is absent and there is an emphasis on unconventional hand-held camera work. You see this in the trailer with the one spoken line and stark imagery, which is more than enough to interest me in the final product.  I’m most curious about is if  Kaya Scodelario (best known as Effy on Skins) stands out at all as Catherine.

Wuthering Heights won’t be released theatrically in the US until 2012. Will you see Wuthering Heights when it hits theaters?