Five Great Movies According To My Mom

These are my parents, Nancy and Joe. They are ridiculous.

A few months ago, I shared my dad’s five favorite movies and set him off on a path to Internet superstardom. This irritated my mom because Joe got to share his favorite  movies first. She was so irritated, I had to quickly jot down her favorite movies and promise to post them on her birthday. So here are my mom’s five favorite movies. Happy birthday Nancy!

Disclaimer: Just to double check, I asked my mom what her favorite movies were last week. She said “I should just know them” and it would be “too bad” if I hadn’t written them down. So who knows if these are actually her favorite movies. She also wouldn’t tell me why she likes these movies, so I’m just making it up. Now she’ll probably be irritated at me for writing this post. Oh well. I’m her favorite child (right, Mom?) so I’ll risk it.

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