Saturday Morning with Schwarzenegger

This video from Filmdrunk has been making its way around the Internet. Compiling every Arnold Schwarzenegger scream, grunt or yell he has provided us over the years into one seven-minute length video is really a brilliant concept. Seven minutes might seem like a long time to dedicate to the man but the mash-up uncovers the beauty of the man’s performance skills.

Arnold has given us so much, um, gusto over the years and truthfully, I would rather watch him like this than in his awkward came0 in The Expendables.

YouTube Gem: Ginger Rogers and Lucille Ball Dance the Charleston

When I quickly researching Stage Door last night, I stumbled upon this glorious YouTube gem. From 1971, it is Ginger Rogers and Lucille Ball dancing the Charleston in the sitcom Here’s Lucy. It is pure bliss. Enjoy.

I’ve watched this a few times now and Ginger’s line as she leaves, “Please, please become a Katharine Hepburn fan,” just makes me giggle with delight. Even more having watched Stage Door, which stars all three actresses, just last night.

And how does Ginger’s Charleston above compare to her Charleston in Roxie Hart from 1942? It is pretty damn good.

The Circus of the Cell Phone Mystery

With more than 2 million hits, one YouTube video about Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 silent film, The Circus is generating considerable buzz on the Internet (Hello, trending Twitter topic.) In the video, filmmaker George Clarke analyzes one shot where a woman appears to be holding a cell phone. He delves into the footage, watching it close-up and in slow-motion. Logically this woman is a time-traveler.

Like everyone else who has watched this video, I do not know what this woman is doing. But I also don’t care. It is irrelevant to The Circus and how we should ultimately read the film.

Just because we have the technological capabilities to question what is happening in the scene doesn’t mean we should embrace this sudden hype surrounding this video.

I understand the fascination that comes from wanting to know. We live in a time where we should be able to deduce everything possible because of our technological advances. That is why not knowing what this one woman is doing is frustrating for viewers. How can we possibly not figure something that seems blatantly obvious out?

I’d rather accept that the mystery exists and leave it at that. In a way, this hype belittles The Circus. I prefer to see this movie, an entertaining Charlie Chaplin production, for what it is and not what it may be.

Inception – 1950s Hitchcock style!

The cynical part of me believes that this YouTube video was inevitable.

Someone has taken clips from Inception and spliced them with the audio from the trailers forRear Window, Spellbound, and Vertigo. Sure it might be cynical for me to think this, but the mock trailer that has been created is completely awesome and takes more patience than I will ever have.

Happy Monday!

Once there was a mermaid named Ariel and she was one of the most beloved creatures under the sea. She had a cool family, some great little friends, and could carry a tune. Have you ever wondered what kind of advice she would give to young girls? Well here is your chance. Enjoy the laugh and the start of your week.