A Quick Update

Currently in the American Pavilion. I’ve been busy with the internship and trying to catch all the screenings I want. So far I’ve only seen Fish Tank but I have tickets to The Molly Maguires tonight at 10, Bright Star (Jane Campion’s film) tomorrow at 8:30 AM and Thirst (dir. Park Chan-Wook) at 11:30 AM.

Soon I want to venture around the International Village and collect as much free food/pamphlets/drinks as I possibly can. I briefly went to the Indian Pavilion this morning and kind of geeked out when I saw everything that was in there.

I also coincidentally ran into the director and producer of the film I was a PA on last summer. It was completely unexpected but a nice surprise. Maybe I’ll actually go watch the film now. (Maybe).

Tomorrow I’ll upload some pre-Red Carpet pictures from the opening night and some reviewlettes of the films I see today and tomorrow.

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