Trailer Fix: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

“It is as if the modern human soul awakened here…”

If you have ever dreamed of blindly following Werner Herzog into a cave, this is your chance.

Herzog’s latest documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams is one that I will take great strides to see this spring. The film about the Chauvet Cave is Herzog’s first 3-D film. Herzog went to great lengths to film the cave, receiving special permission from the French minister of culture and building custom 3-D cameras. The trailer was released in the past few days and I have goosebumps from watching it.

The most intriguing aspect of this documentary is Herzog’s decision to film it in 3-D. Can Herzog, of all directors, actually bring artistic merit to the much maligned technique? It was a challenging shoot and huge risk for Herzog. I’m excited to see it.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams releases on April 29.

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