Beatty for Governor?

Who would you prefer?

Everytime time there is a governor race in California, it always appears to have a slew of celebrities in the running. Last time it was Gary Coleman vs. the porn star vs. the eventual winner, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This time around will be no different as the candidates for the race are shaping up to be Arnold (again) vs. Rob Reiner vs. (possibly) Warren Beatty.

Whether or not Warren Beatty decides to run for governor is still up in the air. But for years now, rumors have been generating that screen icon Beatty has been toying with the idea of entering the political arena.

Now it seems more than likely as Beatty, a democrat, has been challenging the Governator’s stances on California’s key issues. Apparently the only way to fight a celebrity is with another celebrity (although this one, in my humble opinion, is much better than the other).

I’ll admit it now, I’m a huge Warren Beatty fan and that has nothing to due with his liberal-ness. And let me say, I will be super jealous of California if Warren Beatty gets to be their governor and I get stuck with rich scumbag A) Jon Corzine or rich scumbag B) Doug Forrester.

Who has better qualifications to California’s gov.? I’m not quite sure. Beatty played a politician in Bulworth and Schwartzeneggor is married to a Kennedy.

So if Beatty does decide to run, Will he Shampoo the Terminator (insert Jaws music here).

Only time will tell and who the hell knows with California.

8 thoughts on “Beatty for Governor?”

  1. First of all, when liberals are allowed to run rampant, you get California, so I think they need someone to keep them in the pins and stop their insanity, like Arnold Schwarzenegger; however, during the gubenatorial race last time, I was a fan of McClintock. He’s the man they really need, but he could never get elected.

  2. Arnold Schwarzeneggor is a Republican, in case you didn’t know. He’s just a moderate republican and you wouldn’t think he was because he’s married to Maria Shriver, a Kennedy.

    California’s just nutty like that.

  3. Yes, I am well aware of Arnold’s right-wing status. He made a pretty good speech at the convention last year.

  4. I’m not from Cali but I’d vote for Warren in a heartbeat and it has nothing to do with the fact that he used to date my idol, Madonna, LOL. Seriously, I think Warren knows what the heck he’s talking about. At least he won’t run around offending people by calling them ” girlie ” men. I used to have respect for Arnold but then all his demons popped out, the sexual harrassment, his bad attitude…etc. Anyway, I don’t think any actor should run but if Cali wants it this way, hopefully they will pick one that can do the job right.
    I enjoyed your post. I got your link from Abeni.

  5. Hey I say let Ah-nuld be the governator again. Anything to keep him from making another movie. If he loses, maybe Pres. Bush-league will make him Ambassador to Austria… nah, I have friends in Austria, they deserve better.

  6. Awesome! Thanks for posting.

    Yeah, I’d vote for Warren too. After I saw “Splendor in the Grass” and “Bonnie and Cylde” I was pretty much sold on Warren Beatty as being a God and deserving of anything he ever gets.

  7. Beatty should never stop making movies especially for politics. And if Beatty became governor, Annette Bening would have to take a little hiatus and then she would never win that oscar she rightfully deserves.

    Abeni- One day I will go to AFI fest, even if I have to donate my arm to scientific research to do it. I will go.

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