Having a Good Day…

Today is Katharine Hepburn day on Turner Classic Movies Annual Summer Under the Stars event. (Did you seriously believe I could go that long without mentioning Katharine Hepburn?)

Here is today’s tentative schedule: Stage Door followed by Bringing Up Baby followed by Woman of the Year followed by Adam’s Rib followed by The African Queen. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Tomorrow (8.12) , Rock Hudson is the featured star, then it’s Walter Matthau on 8.13 and Lana Turner on 8.14, and… You now what, here is the Summer Under the Stars programming guide or you can visit tcm.com for more info.

One thought on “Having a Good Day…”

  1. I managed to catch a little bit of Quality Street, The Philadelphia Story, and Adam’s Rib yesterday, but we had to go shopping, so my Katharine Hepburn bliss was interrupted.

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