Dennis Hopper (1936-2010)

“Somewhere in my strange career, someone has liked something.” – Dennis Hopper, in 2002.

Two months ago I watched a livestream of Dennis Hopper receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was an event, poignantly marked by an appearance by Hopper’s longtime friend Jack Nicholson, I made sure not miss. But the moment was bittersweet as the longtime Hollywood hellraiser was battling advanced prostate cancer.

It was announced today that Hopper has died at 74.

Hopper perhaps best work is Easy Rider (1969) but looking at his credits on IMDb, he was an actor, writer, director, and producer who showed up in almost everything. His appearances in everything from Hoosiers to to True Romance to Blue Velvet to the (thankfully short lived) television series Crash made these movies and t.v. series infinitely more enjoyable.

If only more actors were like Dennis Hopper. Hollywood would be a much better place.

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