Skins Rewind: With A Friend Like Maxxie

Remember in December when I said I would start recapping the second season of Skins? Well I didn’t forget. I just put it off until now. So here it goes, another round of Skins Rewind, where I go back to the first seasons of Skins and reminisce about the good ol’ days. It’s not that I don’t like the current generation but if you’re watching series 6 then you know that Skins has taken a very dark and depressing turn.

The writers for series 6 desperately need a hug.

But enough about that.

Where We Left Off: Chris was always ready for a good time. Maxxie and Anwar starred in a revival of The Odd Couple. Tony was a jerk to everyone, especially Michelle and Sid. He got a big dose of karma in the form of a bus. Cassie was a hot mess because of the tiresome love square. And Jal? No one ever saw her. This all about to change.

Series 2 kicks off with a shot of church and very dramatic organ music. Are we mourning the loss of the great Tony Stonem? No, it’s just Maxxie and he’s dancing his little heart out. After this performance of hip hop meets God, we learn that Tony is watching Maxxie’s rehearsal. Since his traumatic subdural hematoma and now that he’s mental, Tony is depending on his friends more than ever.

The last time Tony was holding something of Maxxie's, it didn't seem this sad and desperate.

Maxxie takes Tony to his home and we finally meet Maxxie’s parental units. (And his adorable dog Taz!) Maxxie’s mum tells Tony that she used to clean his home, look after him when he was younger. Tony doesn’t remember. Jackie Oliver’s conversation with Tony about his mother and “that nice girl” show us what his family, Michelle and Sid are doing after his accident.  Tony’s mother is a mess, Michelle is sluttier than ever, and Sid is avoiding Tony. (Though now Sid is in a long-distance relationship with Cassie, so that’s good.)

As for Tony’s other friends, Chris and Jal are being supportive. They arrive to shepherding Tony home from Maxxie’s (and hilariously spy of Jackie helping Tony use the bathroom). Anwar continues to be the lovable goof that he is.

Effy continues to be awesome while breaking the fourth wall.

This episode, in addition to catching us up on Tony’s condition, thankfully shows us Maxxie’s home life. Unlike the other characters, we never got a glimpse of his family during the first season. Maxxie has a generally good, stable life. The one point of contention is Maxxie’s desire to drop his A levels and audition for musicals in London. His father, however, wants Maxxie to be a builder just like him. Cue a fight, swearing, and door slamming.

The boy just wants to dance.

Over in Tony land, which is not as mysterious and conniving as it used to be, Tony is upset that he can’t go to a party with his mates. He’s upset that he can’t use a knife and fork properly. He’s upset that he can’t write his name. He’s upset that Sid is avoiding him. Skins, why are you making me feel bad for Tony?

Poor guy.

Fortunately, Maxxie is better than everyone else and knows how to help Tony. By telling him to ignore his constraints and come out. Everyone else, especially his parents, are being too careful around Tony. He just needs a push to become like his old self. I’m not sure a Skins party is the best place but there are worse things that could happen. I think.

As expected, everything is happening at this party. Laser lights. Dancing. Jal finds new ways to remind her male friends about her ovaries. Michelle gets her harlot on. Sid acquires Scottish inspired dance moves. And Tony arrives to meet his new old girlfriend Abigail.

Girl, I have not missed you.

What do you have to say about this Effy?

He can't place you.

Effy manages to find some random dude’s mouth and lose her brother rather quickly. Typical Effy. Tony is thrown into a mosh pit of glow stick death. Maxxie attempts to rescue him but Tony vanishes. Maxxie looks for Tony outside when he is surrounded by a group of guys, taunting (“Gay boy!”) and chasing him.  One guy, named Dale, tackles Maxxie. Just as you think things are going to take a turn for the worst, they don’t. Turns out Dale is secretly gay and that is why he always beats up on Maxxie. Of course.

This is always happening to Maxxie.

Meanwhile, Sid and Michelle find something to do other than look sad and lonely. They talk about being sad and lonely. Tony’s accident messed them both up and it hurts them too much to be around Tony. Michelle can’t get over that Tony said “I love you” moments before he was hit by a bus and that he probably doesn’t remember. Tony overhears them and promises “I will remember everything.”

Ninja Tony

The next morning (apparently this party happened the night before college started) Maxxie finds Tony alone and lost in front of his home. (“Where do I fucking live?”) This entire episode Maxxie has been the only friend willing to help Tony. Even Effy is too concerned with being Effy to get involved.

Maxxie and his father resolves their issues and come to an agreement. Maxxie will finish college and then he can go audition in London.

So after you’ve partied the night away there is one last thing do before college starts. If you’re Maxxie, this means helping your friend write his name. “Close your eyes and dance it.”


Odds and Ends from Tony and Maxxie:

Best Line: This episode of was less quippy than normal. I did love what Walter Oliver said to Maxxie: “You’re everything I got to show for my life and I’m not ready to let you go because I fucking love you too much.” I’m a sucker for a sentimental dad.

Best Exchange: When Jal sets Anwar straight about his new appearance: “Why are you dressed as a crack dealer?” “Think it’s too much?” “If I’d just met you Anwar, I’d rather slit my wrists than give you one.”

It was necessary.

Best Song: Grizzly Bear “Knife”. It’s heard throughout. It illustrates Tony and Maxxie’s newfound friendship.

Best Foreshadowing: Who was taking pictures of Maxxie during his dance routine? Who was spying on him in the stairwell? Probably some sketchy person who will have no relevance on the rest of the season.

Best Canine Companion: Maxxie’s dog Taz is the cutest!

Best Parental Moment: Between standing up for Maxxie against some local bullies, sharing a drink with Tony’s dad (the parents on Skins almost never associate with one another) and eventually compromising with his son, Walter Oliver gets a piece of Sory cake.

Number of Jal Spottings: A bunch.

Couple alert! We're on Jal and Chris watch for the rest of series 2.

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