Reviews: Five Movies I’ve Seen Recently

The Syrian Bride (2004)

A Druze woman (Clara Khoury) from the Golan Heights is set to marry a Syrian television star. When she does marry and crosses the Syria-Israel border, she can never return home due to immigration laws. The film is set during her wedding day, as she and her family prepare for the festivities. A powerful picture, The Syrian Bride is also delves into Israel-Syria relations and the Middle East conflict.

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005)

Oscar winner Tommy Lee Jones directorial debut is reminiscent of a old-fashioned Western. Set on the Mexico-Texas border, ranch hand Pete Perkins (Jones) is determined upheld a promise and bury his best friend Melquiades (Julio Cedillo) in his native Mexico. Once he learns that Melquiades was brutally murdered by Border Patrol Officer Mike Norton(Barry Pepper), Perkins kidnaps Norton and he drags him on a journey of redemption and forgiveness.


Kings and Queen (2004)

During her father’s long illness, Nora (Emmanuelle Devos, a successful single mother, comes to terms with her past and her future. Mathieu Amalric also stars as Ismael, Nora’s ex-lover, who has been mistakenly placed in a mental ward. Their stories run parallel with each other creating a poignant and moving French drama.

The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005)

Jack (Daniel Day Lewis) and his teenage daughter Rose (Camilla Belle) live isolated from society in an abandoned hippi commune on an island off the shores of North Carolina. Their lives are forever changed when Jack’s new girlfriend Kathleen (Catherine Keener) and her two sons move in. Rose is forced to discover her emerging womanhood. This is a father and daughter story that is both memorable and haunting.
Separate Lies (2005)

The Mannings (Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson) appear to have the perfect marriage; he’s a successful business man and she is the typical wife. Their flaws are revealed when their cleaner’s husband is killed in a hit-and-run and the secrets begin pouring out. Rupert Everett co-stars in this provoking and thrilling film, but it is Tom Wilkinson’s powerful performance that makes Separate Lies an outstanding movie experience.


2 thoughts on “Reviews: Five Movies I’ve Seen Recently”

  1. I think you like Melquiades Estrada more than I did … once he started dragging poor Barry Pepper through the desert, I was just bored to tears … I hadn’t heard of Separate Lies .. thanks for the heads up!

  2. I think I was really lenient on “Melquiades Estrada” too. Your right in that it did drag on after a while. But I tried to look past that. It was a pretty good take on the modern western and I love that Tommy Lee Jones is directing now. It took him long enough.

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