Movies That Make Me Irrationally Angry: Les Misérables

I dreamed a dream that I don't want this to happen.
I dreamed a dream that I will hate this movie.

Okay. I have a dilemma. Since October, I have been struggling (struggling) to write about Les Misérables. This post has gone through multiple drafts. First, I attempted to mock the character posters, which are awful. Then I called it “My Inability to Give Two Shits About Les Mis,” which fell through because obviously I do give a shit. Now I’m hoping to write this post without seeming like a bitter bitch who hates Anne Hathaway, which is an easy trap that some people apparently fall into. (Hating someone’s face is an absurd reason to dislike an actor/actress. But I digress.)

So why does everything associated with Les Misérables make me irrationally angry? I honestly don’t know. We are in the middle of the full Les Miserables publicity onslaught. Red carpets, talk show appearances, magazine covers, everything. All of this has me convinced that Les Mis will be a massive disappointment. This is really bothering me.

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Friday Night Classic: Stormy Weather (1943)

On Tuesdays, I run a classic film screening. On Fridays, I write about these movies.

This week’s film: Stormy Weather (1943) – directed by Andrew L. Stone; starring Lena Horne and Bill Robinson.

Friday Night Classic: Show Boat (1951)

On Tuesdays, I run a classic film screening. On Fridays, I write about these movies.

This week’s film: Show Boat (1951) – directed by George Sidney; starring Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, and Ava Gardner.

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The Elvis Files: Loving You (1957)

I have decided that watching every Elvis movie is a good idea. There are 31 movies – all musicals – in total. This project will likely drive me insane.

#2 – Loving You (1957)

I was initially concerned about Loving You. The only copy of the movie I could find was on YouTube (with an added bonus of Spanish subtitles) and that was looking like my only (terrible) option. (Of course. I have never watched a movie that has been broken up into 12 parts on YouTube.) Fortunately, I prevailed and watched Elvis Presley’s second film. Please feel free to thank me at the end of this post. Continue reading “The Elvis Files: Loving You (1957)”